Our Services

At PS Art Consulting, we help people find art. We value relationships with our clients  — hospitals, law firms, corporations and individuals — and with the artists we work with. We have a network of artists from all over the United States with whom we work.  Our process is a collaborative one. It is a relationship between the client and our team. We work together to identify the client's needs, and then we gather options unique to their needs to help them tell a story through their art.

We love the feeling of being captured by a piece of art, and even more we love the feeling of helping others  experience that special feeling. Each project is unique, from the discovery phase, through procurement, framing and installation.

We are a full service firm with a personal touch. Services include, but are not limited to:


Inventory Art
Assess of Value Art
Procure Art
Art Placement
Art Budget
Lighting Consultation
Public Art Planning
Public Art Procurement
Curatorial Service


Graphic Design
Environmental Design
Custom Murals
Custom Wallcovering
Custom Window Films
Jurying Services
Art Event Planning
Artist Consultation