Who We Are

Our team is here to build a relationship with you in order to find the perfect pieces to suit your specific needs. With more than 30 years of professional, award-winning experience in the arts, we are excited to apply our knowledge and experiences to you. Led by Jennifer Perlow, we employ a flex team to expand and contract as neccessary.

Jennifer Perlow
Principal, Co-Founder

Jennifer Perlow has 15 years of experience in the arts — most recently through PS Gallery, H&P Consultants, LewisGraham Art Consultants. She now is a co-founding Principal of PS Art Consulting, where she helps her clients find art. Perlow has a degree in psychology which helps her to develop trusting relationships with her clients. She has a national network of artists and can find anything her clients are looking for, create a beautiful environment with reproductions for a client with a tight budget, or help you commission artists to create pieces just for you. She handles all aspects of the project from beginning to end to ensure a quality result.


Chris Stevens

Chris has over 20 years of experience connecting the ideas and energies of artists with the needs and opportunities of communities large and small by creating site responsive projects for the public realm. Chris believes art is a way to engage an everyday site with new meaning, allowing a passerby to make a new discovery, stimulate imaginative and reflective experiences, and give a community creative ownership of a place. As an arts administrator and gallery owner, Chris has organized over 50 exhibitions, numerous special events and millions of dollars in public art projects. Most recently, as Manager of the Art and Culture Program at Denver International Airport, Chris oversaw 6 million dollars of public art projects at the new hotel and transit center. Chris has a passion for using original works of art to transform ordinary spaces into unique experiences. Chris currently manages the arts and culture programs at the city of Greenwood Village as well as collaborating on projects for PS Art Consulting


Art can transform an environment.  Our job is to understand you, and your needs and find the right art for your project.  Are you looking to create a healing environment for patients?  Do you want to show your clients that you care about them by creating an exceptional space?  This is about you: Your needs, your aesthetic, your budget. Just like people, every project is unique.  We manage all aspects of the project from beginning to end to ensure a quality result.



We help clients select art for projects. It is a process of getting to know you, understanding your space and how it is used, and helping you create an appropriate budget to accomplish your goals. By using a variety of methods, We will help you clarify your direction and style.  We pull art that fits your needs and let you choose the pieces you love. We can also help with production and framing if that is part of the project. We will coordinate installation and any post production product needed (some clients want a catalog, tags, tours, etc). Finding art is fun.  Lets work together to create the perfect package for your space.


We are passionate about art. We are always meeting artists, visiting studios, going to galleries. Our work is only as strong as the art we are seeing. We love what we do and it shows in our projects.